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How to get rid of belly fat: fitness trainer names the only effective way

How to get rid of belly fat: fitness trainer names the only effective way Fitness trainer criticizes working out to remove belly fat (photo:

The fitness trainer has named the only effective way to get rid of belly fat, writes Daily Express.

It turned out not to be a specific exercise or some "miracle cream." It's much simpler than you think.

Exercises to combat belly fat - myth or reality

Currently, there are many videos online featuring exercises that supposedly target belly fat specifically. However, such advice and guides deceive people, according to the fitness trainer.

"It’s super common to see posts like this on Instagram with these really good headlines and they sound really great. But this just does not exist, guys. There’s no such thing as spot reducing fat in any area of your body, including your belly,” explained the expert.

How to get rid of belly fat: fitness trainer names the only effective waySecret to losing belly fat (photo:

How to get rid of belly fat - the only way

The answer to the question that concerns many women and men is actually quite straightforward. According to a fitness trainer, the key to making fat disappear on the sides and belly is a simple calorie deficit.

"When your body is burning more energy than it’s consuming, it starts resorting to your stored body fat to burn extra energy from it needs to function - this is how we lose fat," explained the expert.

She noted that belly fat may be the last to go, but if you maintain a calorie deficit, it will definitely disappear. It's important not to forget to engage in physical activity, as combining exercise with reduced food intake will accelerate the weight loss process.

We've recently written about a man who lost 40 kilograms and forgot about illnesses thanks to an unusual diet.

In addition, it has recently been revealed how to strengthen the back. These simple exercises can be done at home.

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