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How to get a taxpayer card for Ukrainians abroad?

How to get a taxpayer card for Ukrainians abroad? Ukrainians were explained how to get a taxpayer card abroad(Photo: Tax Gov ua)

Many Ukrainians face difficulties in document recovery while staying abroad. However, obtaining a taxpayer identification number (TIN) is possible even outside Ukraine, informed the Ukrainian Ministry of Reintegration.

What documents are required to obtain a taxpayer identification number?

  1. Completed application form No. 5DR.
  2. Copy of the passport with a clear image of the document.

Where can you obtain the taxpayer identification number?

  • Personally, at a Ukrainian diplomatic mission abroad.
  • Submitting a written application to the specified address abroad (documents are mailed).
  • Through a representative at the Ukrainian tax office.

It's worth noting that if a representative is obtaining the TIN on behalf of someone, they need to have the following documents:

  • Power of attorney.
  • Document certifying the identity of the representative.
  • Copy of the document certifying the identity of the grantor.

Opportunities for Ukrainians abroad: Ukrainians staying abroad can receive their pensions in cash through international transfers provided by "Ukrposhta."

Moreover, during temporary residence abroad, Ukrainian citizens who have had a child can remotely submit documents to apply for assistance upon the child's birth.