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How to charge your iPhone for long-lasting battery life

How to charge your iPhone for long-lasting battery life How to charge your iPhone correctly (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

How to charge your iPhone correctly so that it doesn't run out of power quickly and the gadget works properly is a question that interests all Apple fans.

Sources used: Apple websites.

The best way to charge iPhone

Charging several times throughout the day is best. Plug your smartphone in if you see that the charge level has dropped to 40-50%.

How to charge iPhone so that the battery doesn't deteriorate

The most important thing when using your iPhone is to avoid overheating. The ideal ambient temperature for it is between 16 and 22 degrees. Under such conditions, excess heat is well dissipated, and the battery does not overheat during charging. At air temperatures above 30 degrees, the battery may overheat during charging and lose capacity or fail.

How to preserve your battery

Apple recommends the following steps to ensure that your battery lasts as long as possible:

  • Ensure heat dissipation during charging and avoid overheating in general, remove the case before charging, disable heavy apps from running in the background, and do not use your phone in temperatures above 35 degrees.
  • Use the original charger or an equivalent that you are confident in.
  • Charge your iPhone throughout the day so that the charge level is always in the range of 40-80%.
  • Once a month, discharge the device until it turns off and charge it to 100%.

Can we use iPhone while it's charging?

You can take a call or write a message, but you shouldn't run games or watch movies. This will charge your iPhone faster and without the risk of overheating.

Can we put iPhone on charge overnight?

In general, this is not recommended, but it is allowed if the phone does not get too hot while charging, you have removed the case and taken other measures, or the room is cool enough. You can also do this if you are prepared for the fact that in a year the battery capacity may decrease significantly, you will have to charge the gadget more often or change the battery.