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How much military earn in Poland and Ukraine: Comparison of salaries will surprise you

How much military earn in Poland and Ukraine: Comparison of salaries will surprise you Comparison of salaries of Polish and Ukrainian military (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Recently, the Ukrainian government has regulated wartime bonuses for Ukraine's defenders. Now some soldiers can receive 100,000 UAH in addition to their salary, while others can receive a little more than two thousand in extra pay. Some people consider these amounts normal, while others think they are ridiculous. But let's note that we are talking about the level of salary supplements.

And what is the level of salaries themselves? RBC-Ukraine decided to analyze the salaries of the Ukrainian military and compare them with the salaries of the military of our neighboring and friendly country, Poland. Now we share with you the data on salaries, which may be confusing to some, to put it mildly.

How much does the military in Ukraine get paid

Today, the salaries of Ukrainian servicemen directly depend on their participation in combat missions and participation in hostilities.

If we talk about the salaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are not included in the groups and do not perform combat or special tasks, the salaries in the ground forces are as follows:

  • Brigade commander - 50,173 UAH
  • Deputy brigade commander - 48,919 UAH
  • Battalion commander - UAH 36,481
  • Deputy battalion commander - UAH 33,691
  • Company commander - 31,224 UAH
  • Deputy company commander - UAH 29,056
  • Platoon commander - UAH 28,229
  • Chief Sergeant of the company - 26,094 UAH
  • Instructor of the army combat system - 26,040 UAH
  • Platoon Sergeant Major - UAH 24,866
  • Tank commander - 24,861 UAH
  • Commander of a combat vehicle - 23,951 UAH
  • Squad commander - 22,677 UAH
  • Gunner-operator - 22,268 UAH
  • Driver mechanic - UAH 21,618
  • Senior grenade launcher - UAH 21 152
  • Shooter - 20 587 UAH
  • Telegraph operator - 20 499 UAH
  • Recruit - 20 130 UAH

This is the average level of financial support for military personnel directly involved in combat operations:

  • Brigade commander - 150 173 UAH
  • Deputy brigade commander - 148,919 UAH
  • Battalion commander - 136,481 UAH
  • Deputy battalion commander - 133,691 UAH
  • Company commander - 131,224 UAH
  • Deputy company commander - 129,056 UAH
  • Platoon commander - UAH 128,229
  • Chief Sergeant of the company - UAH 126,094
  • Instructor of the combat army system - UAH 126,040
  • Platoon Sergeant Major - UAH 124,866
  • Tank commander - 124,861 UAH
  • Commander of a combat vehicle - UAH 123,951
  • Squad commander - UAH 122,677
  • Gunner-operator - UAH 122,268
  • Driver mechanic - 121,618 UAH
  • Senior grenade launcher - 121 152 UAH
  • Shooter - 120 587 UAH
  • Telegraph operator - UAH 120,499
  • Recruit - 120 130 UAH

What are the salaries of Polish defenders?

The average salary in the Polish army for military personnel along with bonuses is currently about 7,976 zlotys (a little over 68,000 Ukrainian hryvnias).

To be more specific, without bonuses, a private soldier receives 4,960 zlotys (44,220 hryvnias), and a corporal receives 5,660 zlotys (50,500 hryvnias).

A sergeant in the Polish army earns 5,940 zlotys (52,960 hryvnias), and a warrant officer earns 6,380 zlotys (56,885 hryvnias).

Among the junior officer ranks, a soldier with the rank of second lieutenant (lieutenant) receives a rate of 6,700 zlotys (almost 60,000 hryvnias).

For colonels, the salary ranges from 9,640 to 10,980 zlotys (approximately 86,000 to 98,000 hryvnias).

An officer holding the rank of brigadier general, which is the first general or admiral rank, earns 11,800 zlotys (105,300 hryvnias).

The highest salary is for senior command personnel: generals and admirals have a base salary of 18,150 zlotys (161,900 hryvnias).

Overall, in 2023, the salaries of Polish military personnel have increased by 400 zlotys (3,570 hryvnias).

It's important to note that there are numerous allowances in the Polish army:

  • Thirteenth salary
  • Seniority bonuses
  • Special, compensatory, and service-related allowances
  • Incentive payments
  • Bonuses and additional payments
  • Allowance for overseas service
  • Even an allowance upon discharge and reimbursement of travel expenses for family (if the military personnel serves away from their place of residence), and so on.

Therefore, the aforementioned amounts can be significantly higher.

Volunteers wanted in Poland

It should be noted that soldiers in Poland earn more with each passing year. All of this is the result of the modernization and expansion project of the Polish army.

Currently, there are about 172,000 individuals serving in the Polish armed forces. However, by the year 2035, the government aims to increase the number of military personnel to 300,000 people, including 200,000 professional soldiers, 50,000 defense soldiers, and 50,000 volunteers.

Primarily, it is to attract volunteers that Poland is increasing its military expenditures and soldier salaries.

According to analysts' calculations, the increase in the number of military personnel will cost the state around 26 billion zlotys. In terms of Ukrainian currency, for example, this would amount to 232 billion hryvnias.