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How many Ukrainians identify as Europeans and what factors influence this: Survey data

How many Ukrainians identify as Europeans and what factors influence this: Survey data Photo: 51% of Ukrainians identify as Europeans (Vitalii Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)

In 2023, half of Ukrainians (51%) consider themselves Europeans. In contrast, 43% of respondents hold a different view, according to the data from a survey by the Razumkov Center.

According to the survey, the most noticeable changes occurred after 2021 when 41% of those surveyed felt European, while 49% did not.

Compared to 2021, in the western region, the proportion of those who feel European has increased from 56.5% to 68%, in the central region from 43.5% to 49%, in the eastern region from 32% to 42%, and has statistically remained unchanged in the southern region (24% and 29%, respectively).

Reasons for "non-European" identification

When asked about the reasons that hinder feeling European, the most commonly cited reasons include a low level of prosperity (although the percentage of those citing this reason has decreased from 76% to 56% since 2006).

There has also been a decrease in the number of people who cited a low level of culture and education as a reason (decrease from 35% to 21%).

Additionally, 45% mentioned social and cultural living conditions (41% in 2006).

There are more people now who point to language barriers (their percentage has increased from 24% to 39%) and a sense of being a representative of another culture (an increase from 11% to 23%), as well as religious affiliation (from 3% to 8%). Another 32% mentioned 'non-European' consciousness (approximately the same as 29% in 2006).

The survey was conducted by the Razumkov Center from May 23 to May 31, 2023, across all of Ukraine except for territories occupied by Russia, among 2020 respondents. The theoretical margin of error for the sample does not exceed 2.3%.

It is worth noting that one of the direct consequences of the Russian invasion was a record increase in Euro-Atlantic sentiments among Ukrainians, with record levels in the country's history. In February 2023, 87% supported Ukraine's accession to the European Union, and 86% to NATO.