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How healthy is your relationship? Get honest answer with psychology quiz

How healthy is your relationship? Get honest answer with psychology quiz Test revealing truth about relationships (photo:

Psychologists are confident that the ideal formula for love can be encapsulated in a simple triangle. It consists of three parameters: passion, intimacy, and commitment, writes Psychology Today.

To assess how ideal your form of love is, a simple test can help. It will also indicate areas, where additional effort or contemplation might be needed. The test can help you understand your relationship with your partner.

What is the "love triangle"

Scientist Robert Sternberg from Cornell University suggested that love can be measured along three independent dimensions. This is called the "triangular" theory of love: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

For relationships and love to be ideal, efforts need to be made in all three areas of this triangle. Passion is the butterflies in the stomach and sexual attraction to the partner. Intimacy is complete trust, the feeling of a strong shoulder to lean on.

And commitment is when one partner feels responsible for the other's comfort. It is essential for both the man and the woman to take care of each other mutually.

Psychologists have created a questionnaire that shows how strong your "triangle" is and how ideal your alliance is. The more positive answers you have, the more chances that your relationships are strong and genuine love exists.

Relationship test with your partner


  • Do my relationships with my partner have romance?

  • Do I believe that my partner is very attractive?

  • Can't I imagine anyone making me as happy as my partner?

  • Is there something truly magical in our relationship?

  • I have passion for my partner. Do I want closeness with them?


  • Can my relationships be described as warm?

  • Do I receive emotional support from my partner?

  • Do I value that this person is in my life?

  • Am I comfortable next to my partner?

  • Do I feel that my partner understands me even when they have a different point of view?


  • Am I confident that our relationships are stable, without emotional swings?

  • Do I know for sure that my partner values my time, and respects my opinion?

  • Am I confident that my partner puts effort into keeping our love alive?

  • Do I view our relationships as constant, not thinking I want someone better?

  • Do I feel responsible for my partner's comfort?

Test results

If you answered "yes" to all 15 questions, congratulations! You are the exemplary couple that movies should be made about.

If there are "no" answers, go back to the questions and think about how you can fix it. This is not an evaluative test; there are no templates with results. Its purpose is to understand how you can strengthen your relationships. Probably, a "no" answer will help you identify a problem that needs to be worked on individually or together with your partner.

Psychologists are confident: even in love, the triangle is not always ideal and stable. Life presents various situations that can dull feelings. But if both make an effort, everything can be fixed for sure.

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