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10 actions that undermine femininity: Psychologist's advice

10 actions that undermine femininity: Psychologist's advice Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

The ideals of femininity are constantly changing. They depend on the era and vary among different cultures. Most believe that femininity itself is the key factor through which men fall in love with the opposite sex.

RBC-Ukraine writes about what things destroy femininity, according to a post by psychologist Yevheniia Shevchenko on Instagram.

Actions that diminish femininity

"Being a woman is beautiful, magical, and fascinating. It's a gift and strength, but even this strength, bestowed by nature itself, becomes vulnerable to what we sometimes do with it," writes Shevchenko.

She lists ten things capable of depriving a woman of her feminine nature.

Here's what one should avoid in their life:

  • Working without satisfaction.
  • No monetary reward can restore the lost energy.
  • Lack of passion. It's these passions that create a space where we rejuvenate.
  • Complaints and accusations. We are the authors and scriptwriters of every life episode; hence, the responsibility for our state and life lies with us.
  • Arrogance - this companion ruins everything - relationships, career, joy.
  • Quarrels. Do you enjoy watching argumentative women? Agreed, femininity simply disappears when they engage in conflicts.
  • Desire to control a man. This isn't being a woman; it's being a mother.
  • Emotional restraint. Every emotion carries energy; the key is to channel it correctly.
  • Indifference to one's body. Sensuality is born from the body, which is the source of femininity.
  • Lack of "femininity" in the closet. Tasty, beautiful, and enjoyable things for oneself can "ignite" that special energy of femininity.
  • Communicating with unpleasant people. Why invest energy in something that doesn't bring satisfaction?

"Savor each moment and every day - savor your life. You only have one life, and you are unique within it," urges the psychologist to women.

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