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Psychologist reveals most crucial mistake in men's lives

Psychologist reveals most crucial mistake in men's lives Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Each of us makes mistakes in our lives, and one of the biggest is the inability to prioritize. This is one of the most crucial male messages.

RBC-Ukraine reports on the most crucial male mistake, according to psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko's Instagram page.

The most crucial mistake men make in life

Perhaps everyone has heard the theory that in a man's life, there's a certain hierarchy with career achievement at the top, followed by friends, and then family and his partner.

However, claiming this as a universal truth isn't accurate because every man, like every individual, is unique. Each person has their own life priorities, lifestyle, rules, and hierarchy. It's entirely normal because people shouldn't live according to specific templates; everyone creates their own rules.

However, based on his psychological experience, the psychologist did name the primary mistake men make in life.

"A significant mistake men make is not understanding that their wife is the most important person in their life. Parents will eventually pass away, children will grow up and bid their parents farewell. Friends may move to different cities, values might change, and we might grow apart. But a wife is the person you live with throughout your life. So when you prioritize someone else over your wife, you make a massive mistake, and you'll pay heavily for it," the psychologist stated.

Dmytro also added that, in his opinion, wise men prioritize their beloved, making her their number one above all others. Everyone else occupies different places in his life's hierarchy.

Of course, this is the psychologist's perspective, not one everyone might agree with. For some, it might seem outrageous, while for others, it's the truth. Everyone chooses to live according to what's comfortable and convenient for them. So, the choice is ours.

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