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7 invisible factors that gradually steal our energy

7 invisible factors that gradually steal our energy Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Sometimes, a person may not even understand why they feel completely exhausted and apathetic at a certain moment, but there are reasons for it.

The psychological blog Meclee reveals the 7 factors that drain our life energy.

What drains our life energy

In reality, a lack of energy can be caused by very simple reasons: work overload, stress, illness. However, there are often situations when feelings of fatigue and a decline in strength are present, but there are no obvious reasons for this. During such periods, it is necessary to pay closer attention to one's psychological state.

7 непомітних факторів, які поступово забирають нашу енергію

Photo: Freepik

The 7 factors that drain energy

The first factor is toxic self-criticism. Criticism significantly undermines our self-confidence and lowers the level of confidence in our abilities. Criticism prevents us from living fully, evaluating ourselves positively, and leads to a high level of anxiety.

When you criticize yourself, differentiate between criticism of actions and personality. Treat yourself with compassion and learn to acknowledge your positive qualities and successful actions.

The second factor is comparing oneself to others. This habit is formed in each of us from childhood when parents compare us to "better" children for benevolent reasons. But the problem is that in adulthood, we start doing the same thing ourselves.

However, such comparisons lead to a decrease in self-esteem and stress, negatively affecting our well-being. Learn to compare yourself only with your past self and focus on your small successes.

The third factor is thoughts about the past. This especially applies to analyzing past mistakes and fantasizing about how certain situations could have turned out. In this way, a person simply destroys themselves from within.

If there is something preventing you from living in reality, try to forgive yourself and work on issues with the help of specialists.

The fourth factor is attempts to prove one's worth. When we want to demonstrate that we are worth something, it serves as a source of inspiration and self-development. But the problem is that recognition from others is often more important, leading to dissatisfaction with oneself.

In such cases, remember those who always support you and take pride in your achievements. Also, learn to rely on your own assessment of yourself.

The fifth factor is anxiety about the thoughts of others. What people think of us significantly reduce our self-realization and self-esteem, adding anxiety and fear of not being perceived well by others.

It is important to understand whose opinion from your surroundings is really important to you and focus on self-perception.

The sixth factor is engaging in activities that have no personal value for you. Sometimes, we have to do things that are neither necessary nor interesting and do not lead to any goal. This can kill our productivity and add stress to our lives.

Learn to refuse things that do not bring you benefits and satisfaction, and set your priorities right.

The seventh factor is controlling what is beyond your control. The feeling of control over one's life gives us confidence, but we cannot control everything, like others' actions or events in the world.

Learn to accept the fact that you do not influence everything happening around you and practice gratitude for everything you experience.

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