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Millionaire plans to live forever - Key ingredients in his diet

Millionaire plans to live forever - Key ingredients in his diet Photo: Millionaire plans to live forever - The key ingredients in his diet (GettyImages)

Bryan Johnson, a biotech entrepreneur and centi-millionaire, is investing in Blueprint, spending up to $2 million annually to reverse ageing through diet and lifestyle changes. He follows a strict plant-based diet, including specific recipes for meals and desserts, as part of his intensive anti-ageing regimen, according to Business Insider.

As part of Project Blueprint, Johnson's daily diet includes a "Green Giant" smoothie loaded with breakfast supplements, a vegetable-packed lunch bowl, and a fruit-and-nut pudding for dessert, totalling about 1,977 calories daily.

A rigorous routine of dozens of supplements, daily exercise, and regular medical screenings, including blood tests and MRIs, complements this strict dietary plan.

Johnson also undergoes injectable gene therapy on a remote Caribbean island, an extravagant part of his youth-seeking venture. He claims this regimen has significantly improved his skin, heart, and lung health, though these assertions are yet to be independently verified.

Johnson's Lunch

Johnson enjoys a 'Super Veggie' bowl for lunch, which he claims is an efficient way to incorporate vegetables into his diet, taking less than 20 minutes to prepare, as demonstrated in one of his videos.

The 'Super Veggie' consists of cooked black lentils topped with boiled broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms seasoned with various spices, aromatics, and healthy fats.

However, Johnson mentioned that eating the 'Super Veggie' can sometimes take up to 34 minutes. When he's short on time, he prefers a blended version.

It's worth noting that Johnson's eating window typically falls between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m., so he usually has his lunch around 8 a.m.

Johnson's Dessert

While maintaining a relatively strict diet, Johnson does allow himself to indulge in dessert. He calls one of his go-to treats a "Nutty Pudding." In a video where he shared the recipe, he described it as a mixture of ground nuts, fruits, plant-based milk, and pomegranate juice. He adds chia seeds, pea protein, and berries to the blended pudding to enhance the flavour and nutritional value.

Interestingly, Johnson mentioned that the most melancholic moment of his day occurs when he takes his final bite of Nutty Pudding, which typically happens around 11 a.m.


Bryan Johnson's journey into this extensive anti-ageing project began after he acknowledged past poor health decisions, including a diet rich in carbs and sugar. Motivated by these realizations, in 2019, he shifted his lifestyle to focus on healthier eating and living habits.

The foundation of Project Blueprint is rooted in Johnson's success as the founder of the payment processing company Braintree, which he sold to eBay for $800 million in 2013.

His financial resources have allowed him to embark on this unique and costly quest to reverse the effects of ageing. This pursuit reflects the intersection of wealth, biotechnology, and the human desire for longevity.

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