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Horoscope: Which zodiac signs should be extremely cautious this week

Horoscope: Which zodiac signs should be extremely cautious this week Which zodiac signs will survive all their fears this week (photo: Freepik)

The horoscope for the third week of December 2023 predicts strong emotions and anxiety for three zodiac signs. They will experience all their greatest fears. However, it is important to note that they may amplify negative thoughts and dramatize situations where it is not necessary.

According to Your Tango, these zodiac signs should be particularly cautious until the end of the week.


Aries are analytical and intelligent individuals, but they easily succumb to passions. This week, they risk finding themselves in a dreadful situation. Those born under this sign will literally experience their fears, even if they are not entirely real.

Aries need to control themselves to avoid unnecessary foolishness. Self-control will help mitigate this immense fear. Ultimately, it's essential to trust the stars and endure this emotionally challenging week.


This week, Sagittarius is prone to anxiety. They will imagine catastrophes and immense fear will consume them from within. Dealing with these anxieties on their own will be challenging.

Individuals of this sign need to remember that something terrible may never happen to them. If they tune into positive thinking, it will become a bit easier for them to cope with anxiety.

Sagittarius needs to find new ways to manage emotions because episodes of immense fear may repeat in the future.


This week, Capricorn will to some extent indulge in negative thoughts, thereby intensifying feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. They might feel like they are left alone to deal with their problems.

In the lives of these Zodiac signs, nothing indicates that their fate is inevitably tragic. Therefore, it's worth stopping the self-spiraling and amplification of negativity around them. Changing their mindset will help them break free from this vicious cycle of fear.

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