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Horoscope for June 11: Tarot cards promise day of karmic events

Horoscope for June 11: Tarot cards promise day of karmic events What the horoscope promises for Tuesday (illustration:

The tarot horoscope for Tuesday promises a day of karmic events. Some may expect gifts, while others will be caught by a boomerang.

Who will be lucky on Tuesday is revealed by Your Tango.


You drew the Priestess card. It means you'll have a chance to show courage and impress everyone around you with decisive actions. This day will change you a lot.


Your card for June 11 is the Five of Wands. On Tuesday, you might feel upset. Events may shake the ground beneath your feet. However, don't lose heart; you'll be able to regain stability in your life.


You drew the Two of Swords card. You may face a tough choice. Doubts may slow down your decision-making process, but perhaps it's for the best. Don't rush; listen to your inner voice.


Your card for Tuesday is the Hermit. Don't try to take on all the tasks and responsibilities that have accumulated these days. Allow yourself to step back and take a break.


You've drawn the reversed Five of Cups card. Most likely, you may suffer greatly today due to a mistake made in the past. The karmic boomerang will catch up with you for a reason; make the right conclusions.


Your card is the Knight of Wands. Fasten your seatbelt, Tuesday will bring a whirlwind of bright events and exciting adventures your way. Don't fear adventures and enjoy life.


You drew the Fool card. Don't think that its name predicts a negative day for you. Quite the opposite, on Tuesday, you might discover new aspects of yourself and unfold hidden talents.


Your card for June 11 is the World. You'll be able to have a wonderful day, perhaps even miracles and gifts are possible. It'll all be a reward for your positive outlook and belief in the good things to come.


You've drawn the reversed Seven of Cups card. It means you should slow down. You've taken on too much. Treat yourself to a spontaneous break.


Your card for Tuesday is Justice. Karma decided to intervene in your life, but if you haven't done anything wrong, there's nothing to fear. In that case, misfortunes will befall those who wronged you.


You drew the reversed Tower card. Don't fear changes and broaden your horizons. It's time to start afresh.


Your card is the Three of Pentacles. It means that on Tuesday, you'll be able to rest and find peace. No one will disturb you with unexpected news, so indulge in your favorite activities.

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