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Horoscope for 2024: These zodiac signs most likely to get back with their ex

Horoscope for 2024: These zodiac signs most likely to get back with their ex Who will find happiness in the past (photo:

In the New Year, representatives of four zodiac signs may rekindle relationships with their ex-partners. Some may decide to leave past grievances behind and start anew, while others will overcome doubts.

Details on who might reunite with an ex in 2024 are shared by RBC-Ukraine, citing Astrofame.


You may be overcome by nostalgia. In the New Year, you might realize that you want to bring back into your life someone from the past who stirred genuine emotions in you. The temptation to try and rekindle everything beckons. It's up to you to decide whether this desire will mark the beginning of a new story with familiar characters.


Romantic adventures await you, and in the New Year, fate may lead you to the idea of reuniting with a former partner. The opportunity to reignite the flame that once burned fiercely may captivate you. If you are ready to dive back into this whirlwind, make sure to let go of all resentments.


In your search for balance and stability, you will find love and the ability to heal emotional wounds. There's a high likelihood that someone from your past will assist you in this. You deserve happiness, so act if you genuinely desire it.


In the New Year, you may encounter someone who hurt you in the past. Perhaps they will want to apologize and get another chance. Only you can decide how to handle it. Listen to your heart and don't be afraid of your desires.

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