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Holiday of free and strong people: Zelenskyy congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day

Holiday of free and strong people: Zelenskyy congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (
Author: Maria Kholina

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day and thanked everyone who ensures Ukraine's victory.

"Today we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of our independence - the independence of Ukraine. This is a value for each of us. And this is what we are fighting for. And everyone is important in this fight. Because this is a fight for something that is important to everyone. An independent Ukraine," Zelenskyy said.

Zelensky noted that in a big war, there are no small deeds. No unnecessary ones. No unimportant ones.

He thanked the soldiers who stood up to defend Ukraine, as well as the families who raised their children to love Ukraine and have the courage to defend it.

"I am grateful to everyone who is waiting for their loved ones from the frontline, to everyone who prays for them every day, who calls or texts such an important 'How are you?' to hear the much desired 'Everything is fine!'. Such a precious 'I love you'... 'Our son took his first step yesterday'... 'Daughter today said: 'Dad'..." Zelenskyy said.

The President expressed his gratitude to those who ensure communication in the country, as it goes beyond mere communication. It's about the connection to life, words of support, words of gratitude. And, unfortunately, the words that are the most painful in war: "He is gone..."

"Many Ukrainians lost loved ones because of the war. Heroes who prevented us from losing Ukraine. I thank and bow to each and every one of them," he added.

Zelenskyy noted that Ukrainian defenders are aided by an additional unique armor - the armor of humanity and sincerity. This includes children's drawings that can be seen in every brigade. Those children may not know them, but they support our soldiers.

The President emphasized that children are the main goal of the offensive: "Because it is you, our children, who are behind them. Ukrainian children, exactly you, those who are creating these drawings. And I want to say to you - to every boy and girl: you have no idea how important it is when you support our warriors. I thank you!"

He thanked every Ukrainian mother for whom Ukraine is and will remain home, even if they had to leave due to the war: "And when a mother in any country gives her child a book in Ukrainian so that the child does not lose himself or herself, when a mother teaches Ukrainian, when she worries about Ukraine and waits for news from Ukraine, waits to be able to return, this is the most important thing. Because you are important. All Ukrainians! No matter where you happen to be now."

The President thanked all Ukrainian teachers who are building an educated future even where the enemy has destroyed schools. He thanked Ukrainian doctors who save thousands of lives.

"Last winter, we experienced massive missile attacks and the threat of blackout. There were different moments. When cities remained in darkness. When it was cold. There was also indomitability. And when our people worked and turned the power back on, there were loud "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to Ukrainian electricians!", and glasses were raised to air defense and our power engineers," he said.

"But, unfortunately, there are families who have lost their father, son, brother... An ordinary electrician, repairman, rescuer, police officer, firefighter... All those who died in the line of duty. Those who helped to do the most important thing - to prevent the Russian darkness from breaking us, our state, our freedom, our independence," the President continued.

He thanked Ukrainian journalists, as the news was with us in both light and darkness, and the truth was with us. The world heard Ukraine.

He specifically mentioned those who cannot yet be mentioned in the news, whose names are known to few, but whose work is visible to all.

"Our missiles. Ukrainian munitions. Our artillery. Ukrainian drones: Leleka, Fury. Naval drones, Neptune, Corsar, Stugna. We produce all of this. Ukrainians produce all of this. And when we are proud to have sunk the flagship of the enemy fleet, Moskva cruiser, when we rejoice at hitting the Kerch Bridge, we also thank those who cannot be mentioned now, whose names cannot be told, but about whom books will be written and movies will definitely be made in the future. Those whom I award with classified decrees and who carry out the most difficult operations. Thank you! You are all important!" he said.

The President also thanked those who demine our territories, sow fields, and harvest despite shelling, as well as those who deliver it across the country so we have bread. Those who, despite danger, transport Ukrainian grain to many other countries to prevent hunger in the world.

Zelenskyy said that everyone who works and employs others is important. Everyone who pays taxes, which provide for the army, defense, advancement and future victory. Everyone who organizes fundraising campaigns and keeps the fire of volunteering, this sincere Ukrainian unity alive. Everyone who finds and brings everything that is needed in the trenches. Everyone who trains Ukrainian warriors. Who glorifies Ukraine with sporting victories. Who opened the doors of their homes and sheltered those who lost their homes.

He also thanked those who give birth to motivating lyrics for Ukrainians, arrange them to beautiful music, and perform these songs for the warriors at the front, for the wounded in hospitals, and at charity concerts around the world. In the world that is fighting side by side with Ukraine.

"Everyone who survived the occupation is important. Who was holding the Ukrainian flag in the squares. Those who are still under occupation, but keep our flag so that the occupier cannot find it. Those who have waited and will witness the return of Ukraine. Who was wounded, who lost limbs, but did not lose themselves. And most importantly, we all did not lose you. Those who survived captivity. Those who were deprived of their freedom, but not their will. Who did not lose Ukraine in themselves. Those who came back and continue to fight. And those who will return. They will."

"All those who have proved that everyone is needed, everyone is important - people, deeds, and words. Because we all made it so that when one person says: 'Glory to Ukraine!', the whole world responds: 'Glory to the Heroes!'" the President concluded.

Independence Day

Ukraine declared its independence exactly 32 years ago. This historic day followed a long path of struggle. Read more about Ukraine's fight for its freedom in RBC-Ukraine's article.