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Here are some things you absolutely should not do while shopping

Here are some things you absolutely should not do while shopping What mistakes should be avoided in a store (photo: Freepik)

Shopping at a store is a common activity for everyone. However, this is not an excuse for rude behavior and disregarding rules that can lead to problems, according to the Huffpost.

Experts say that shoppers should remember the basic rules of etiquette, even when buying groceries.

Blocking the aisle

Experts say that you should not block other people, stop suddenly, or abruptly change your direction. These actions can disrupt other shoppers and may even lead to injuries.

Touching and opening products without buying them

You should not open the packaging to smell or taste the product and then put it back. In the era of COVID-19, it is especially important to maintain hygiene and be mindful of germs in public places, particularly when it comes to food.

Don't hold people up

A trip to the grocery store often takes longer than we'd like, especially when there are long lines at the checkout. Respect everyone's time and do everything you can to make the process as fast as possible.

Don't make everyone in line wait while you run back to get the eggs you forgot to put in your cart

Leaving products out of place

Often, people, when choosing products in the store, leave items in the wrong spots. This happens because they are too lazy to go and put the item back in its proper place.

Put your shopping cart back in its place

Put your shopping cart back on the shelf instead of leaving it in the aisle.

Returning the cart after unloading your groceries in your car will help avoid unpleasant situations.

Aggression in the parking lot

Parking lots can be a source of frustration as everyone rushes around, which can lead to problems.

Supermarkets typically have small parking lots, so even if you have to drive around a few times to find a spot, be patient.

It's also important to avoid parking in a prohibited area.