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Head of British Foreign Office warns Iran against escalating conflict in Middle East

Head of British Foreign Office warns Iran against escalating conflict in Middle East The head of the British Foreign Office, David Cameron (photo: Getty Images)

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has warned the Iranian government against actions that could escalate the conflict in the Middle East. His statement comes amid Tehran's threats of revenge against Israel, according to his post on Twitter.

The head of the UK Foreign Office addressed his appeal to his Iranian colleague Amir-Abdollahian.

"Today I made clear to Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian that Iran must not draw the Middle East into a wider conflict," Cameron emphasized.

He added that he was deeply concerned about the potential for miscalculation that could lead to further violence.

"Iran should instead work to de-escalate and prevent further attacks," added the head of the UK Foreign Office.

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What preceded it

On April 1, Israel launched a powerful airstrike on the central district of Mezzeh in Damascus, Syria. The building of the Iranian consulate was destroyed. At least seven Iranians were killed, including two generals.

Despite Israel's repeated strikes on Iran-related targets in Syria over the past few months, this was the first time the IDF struck an Iranian diplomatic building.

Iran officially blamed Israel for the attack and promised a harsh response. On April 4, the CIA warned that within 48 hours Iran could launch a military operation against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his country would be able to defend itself and would act on the principle: "Whoever attacks the country or plans to attack will suffer themselves."

Additionally, according to The Times of Israel, Iran has indicated to Washington that it will respond to a potential Israeli attack on its embassy in Syria in a way that avoids serious escalation.

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