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Harry Styles shocks fans by shaving head, ditching curls (Photo)

Harry Styles shocks fans by shaving head, ditching curls (Photo) Garry Styles (photo:

British musician Harry Styles debuted a fully shaved head while attending a U2 concert with his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, reports TMZ.

Harry Styles shaved his head

Journalists have released a video from the U2 concert featuring the 29-year-old musician with Canadian actress Taylor.

The images reveal that the artist has altered his appearance by shaving his head.

The singer's fans disliked his new hairstyle

Many fans of Stiles were disappointed with his new appearance.

Позбувся кучерів. Гаррі Стайлз поголився наголо і шокував фанів (фото)

Harry Styles with a new hairstyle (photo: screenshot from the video)

  • I love Harry Styles so much and I will defend everything he does, but this haircut - I'm sorry.
  • What will they call you Harry Styles without a hairstyle?
  • Harry Styles is going through a midlife crisis.
  • I never thought I would ever see headlines in the media: "Harry Styles shaved his head."
  • What did Harry do to his hair?
  • He has 48 hours to grow it back.