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Harmful approaches to treating a sore throat: 5 methods to avoid

Harmful approaches to treating a sore throat: 5 methods to avoid What is harmful for sore throat treatment (photo: Freepik)

A sore throat is a prevalent issue in children, prompting the need for parents to understand proper treatment and, more importantly, what should be avoided to prevent further harm to their health - advises Lamalu clinic on Instagram.

What not to use for a sore throat

A sore throat can arise from various causes, including:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • fungal infections
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastroesophageal reflux)
  • cancer
  • foreign bodies
  • autoimmune diseases (autoimmune thyroiditis)

Improper treatment can only worsen the situation. There are a number of procedures and drugs that cannot be used in the treatment of the throat.

Here are the prohibitions:

  • Sprays. Avoid use in children under 4 years of age, as it may lead to stenosis.
  • Lidocaine preparations. Avoid these, as they only alleviate pain without addressing inflammation and may cause issues with the circulatory system. There is also a risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Alcohol-based drugs. It is not permitted, as it can potentially injure the mucous membrane of the oropharynx.
  • Burns. Not recommended as a method for relieving a sore throat.
  • Herbal gargles. Discouraged, as many herbs can dry out the mucous membrane, worsening inflammation. Herbs lack an evidence base and can induce allergic reactions, including well-known ones like Chlorophyllipt.

How to properly treat a sore throat

Doctors recommend the use of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for relief from sore throat symptoms. Additionally, ice cream can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, and lollipops are suitable for moistening the throat's mucous membrane, which doesn't necessarily require a trip to the pharmacy.

For children older than 4 years, medications containing benzydamine hydrochloride can be used. If experiencing a high body temperature, consulting a doctor is advised. If deemed necessary, the doctor may perform a strep test to confirm or rule out a bacterial infection, prescribing a treatment plan if needed. The standard treatment duration for bacterial tonsillitis is at least 10 days.

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