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Hamas unexpectedly attacks Israel, Tel Aviv is 'ready for war': Details

Hamas unexpectedly attacks Israel, Tel Aviv is 'ready for war': Details Hamas unexpectedly attacks Israel, Tel Aviv is 'ready for war' (
Author: Maria Kholina

Militants from Hamas' Gaza Sector unexpectedly launched an attack on Israel early this morning, October 7. As a result of the extensive rocket barrage on Tel Aviv, Israel has declared its "readiness for war."

RBC-Ukraine has compiled all the information available about the early morning attack by Hamas on Israeli territory.

Sources used in the preparation of this material include The Times of Israel, Al Jazeera, CNN, The Jerusalem Post, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) press office.

What is known at this time

  • Around 06:30, Hamas launched a massive rocket attack on Israeli territory. According to Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagar, more than 2,000 rockets were fired. After this, militants infiltrated the southern part of the country.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with senior security officials.
  • Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that Hamas had declared war on Israel and would pay a very high price.
  • The Hamas commander called on the "Islamic resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Iraq to unite their resistance with Palestinian resistance today and begin a march to Palestine right now." He also announced the start of Operation "Storm of Al-Aqsa."
  • Israel, in response, announced the beginning of the counterterrorism operation "Iron Swords."
  • Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, declared a state of war in Israel.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged people to follow the instructions of local authorities and provided the contact numbers of the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel, as well as the diplomatic mission in Ramallah in case of emergencies.
  • As of approximately 13:00, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health, there is information about at least 545 injured individuals.
  • Across the entire territory of Israel, a state of emergency has been declared;
  • The death toll from the attacks on Israel has risen to 100, with at least 900 injured;
  • Tomorrow, all schools and kindergartens in Israel will not be operational;
  • Airlines are canceling flights to Israel;
  • As of 19:30, the Israeli army has entered all occupied territories, and a clearance operation against militants is underway.
  • In Israel, a Ukrainian citizen may have lost their life, and the information is currently being verified.

Morning attack

At around 06:30 Kyiv time, the Gaza Sector launched a massive rocket attack on Israeli territory. The air raid sirens were heard even in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ordered civilians near the Gaza Sector border not to leave their shelters.

After the strikes, casualties were reported, including:

  • A 70-year-old woman who sustained severe injuries.
  • A 20-year-old man who suffered shrapnel wounds.

Residents of Gaza also began reporting clashes along the border with Israel, near the city of Khan Yunis. There were also claims of significant movement of armed Palestinian militants.

Information also emerged about Gaza militants infiltrating Sderot, a small town in southern Israel, a claim confirmed by the Tel Aviv army.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a meeting with top security officials in the coming hours.

Precision rocket strike

One of the rockets hit a building in Tel Aviv during the attack, but no information about casualties was reported.

High price to pay

The Israel Defense Forces have stated that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic movement, will "pay a very high price" for the unexpected morning attack.

"Hamas carried out a combined operation that included rocket fire and terrorists infiltrating Israeli territory. The IDF will protect the residents of the State of Israel, and the terrorist organization Hamas will pay a very high price," said the IDF.

Over 15 injured, one fatality

The Israel National Emergency Medical Service, Magen David Adom, reported one fatality and over 15 injuries resulting from the rocket barrage in the southern and central regions of the country.

Israel is "ready for war"

The Israel Defense Forces have declared a state of "readiness for war" in response to the extensive rocket attacks and Hamas militants infiltrating Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, civilians reported hearing explosions, and air raid sirens were heard in the city.

Hamas commander calls for support

Hamas commander Mohammed Deif issued a statement in which he referred to the morning attack as "the day of the great revolution."

"Today, the people are reviving the revolution and reviving the March of Return," he said, calling on "Islamic resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere to unite their resistance with the Palestinians today and begin the march to Palestine right now."

He called on the "Islamic resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Iraq to unite their resistance with the Palestinian resistance today and start the march to Palestine right now."

"The enemy has defiled Al-Aqsa and dared to attack the Prophet's Mosque. Settlers are committing atrocities and looting, the occupation regime has violated the freedoms and rights of prisoners. We declare the start of the 'Storm of Al-Aqsa' operation," Deif declared.

Israel responds with strikes

Nearly two hours after the attack, the Israel Defense Forces began launching rocket strikes on the Gaza Sector in response.

Mobilization of reservists

The office of Defense Minister Yoav Galant approved a large-scale call-up of reservists in response to the Gaza Sector attack.

A state of emergency has been declared within an 80-kilometer radius of the Gaza Sector.

Continuous rocket barrage

In the meantime, Israel has been under continuous rocket fire from the Gaza Strip for the past two hours.

Sirens were heard in several major cities, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Beersheba.

Israel's Security Cabinet plans to hold a meeting at 13:00 Kyiv time. Before that, Netanyahu will hold a meeting with security service leaders.

Serious mistake of Hamas

"This morning, Hamas made a serious mistake and started a war against the State of Israel. IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy on all infiltration fronts. The State of Israel will win this war," said Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

Operation "Iron Swords" and airstrikes

The Israel Defense Forces announced the start of the counter-terrorism operation "Iron Swords."

Meanwhile, according to the IDF, dozens of fighter jets are conducting airstrikes on Hamas militants' targets in the Gaza Sector.

Israel is in a state of war

"We are in a state of war. This is not an operation, not an escalation – it is war. And we will prevail. Hamas will pay an unprecedented price for this war. I have ordered the clearance of border communities from terrorists and the mobilization of reservists," stated Netanyahu.

For Ukrainians currently in Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged people to follow the instructions of local authorities. In case of shelling, sirens may be activated. It is crucial to quickly seek shelter or a bomb shelter.

In case of emergencies, please contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel at +972-546-676-782 or the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Ramallah at +972-59-823-93-99.

More than 500 people have been injured

According to the Ministry of Health in the country, 545 individuals have been admitted to Israeli hospitals.

Difficult hours lie ahead

Daniel Hagar, spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, states that it is probable that the military has not yet regained control over all the populated areas where Hamas attacks have occurred. He also added that the IDF is intensifying its strikes on Gaza.

A state of emergency has been declared in Israel

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir has declared a state of emergency throughout the territory of Israel.

The death toll has risen to 40

Israeli media report that as a result of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, at least 40 people have been killed, and a minimum of 740 individuals have sustained various injuries.

Schools and kindergartens will not be operating

The Israeli Ministry of Education has announced that all schools and kindergartens in the country will not operate tomorrow.

Airlines are canceling flights to Israel

Germany's largest airline, Lufthansa, has announced a reduction in its flight program to/from Tel Aviv this Saturday. Flights scheduled to Tel Aviv from Frankfurt and Munich on Saturday have been canceled.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), a subsidiary of Lufthansa, has also announced the suspension of flights to Israel from Saturday evening until further notice.

According to FlightRadar data, flights to Israel from Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna, New Delhi, and other cities have also been canceled. A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Tel Aviv reversed course in the sky over Greenland and returned to the United States.

Fighting continues in 14 populated areas

As of 3:00 PM, battles with terrorists who infiltrated Israeli territory are ongoing in 14 Israeli communities located within 15 kilometers of the Gaza border. This includes ongoing fighting in the city of Ofakim, where one of the groups of militants was previously eliminated.

Rocket launches from Gaza towards the Israeli city of Ariel, located approximately 90 kilometers from the border, have also been recorded. Shelling of communities near the border is ongoing.

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Israel has decided to strengthen its borders

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has stated that the military will strengthen the borders to prevent other countries from "making a mistake and entering into war."

The IDF expects to complete the clean up today

The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Richard Goch, stated in a comment to CNN that they hope to complete the operation to clear out Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israeli territory today.

The President of Israel has accused Iran of involvement in the Hamas attack

Israeli President Isaac Herzog believes that Hamas terrorists who attacked his country have backers in Iran. He called on the international community to express its protest.

"Supported and directed by their proxy commanders in Iran, they (Hamas) carried out an unprovoked, heinous attack against the Jewish state on a Jewish holy day. will take all measures necessary to eliminate this clear and immediate danger to our citizens," Herzog said.

The death toll in Israel has risen to 100

The attack by Hamas militants in Israel has resulted in the loss of 100 lives, with at least 900 people sustaining injuries.

Among the casualties is Ofer Libstein, the head of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, who tragically lost his life during an exchange of fire with terrorists.

Brazil calls for UN Security Council meeting due to the situation in Israel

Brazil has announced an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the Hamas militants' attack on Israel's territory. Currently, Brazil holds the presidency of the Security Council.

The IDF confirms the capture of Israeli soldiers

Hamas militants have captured "hostages and prisoners," according to Daniel Haggari, the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

"There are hostages and prisoners that Hamas has captured. There have also been casualties among IDF soldiers. We do not have an exact number yet; it's a war," he stated.

Earlier, Hamas claimed to have captured a "significant number" of Israelis, including "senior officers."

Netanyahu talked with Biden

President Joe Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and pledged support. Netanyahu thanked Biden and told him that "a prolonged and powerful campaign will be needed in which Israel will prevail."

UN peacekeepers are increasing their presence in Lebanon

UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, which borders Israel, announced today that they have strengthened their presence near the southern border with Israel, including "operations to counter rocket attacks."

The Israeli army has entered all the captured territories

The Israel Defense Forces have entered all the cities on the border with the Gaza Strip that were seized by Hamas militants today. As of 19:30, combat operations are ongoing in 22 locations, including Be'er and Ofakim, where reports of hostages were received.

Israel has stopped supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip

Israel's Minister of Energy, Karim Katz, has issued an order to halt the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip. Israel currently provides more than half of the electricity supply to the region.

"I have signed an order instructing the electric company to stop supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip. What was, will be no more," he stated.

A Ukrainian may have died in Israel

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that as a result of the hostilities in Israel, a Ukrainian citizen may have lost their life. Currently, this information is being verified. Additionally, two Ukrainian individuals are being sought in Israel.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

In 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, most of the Syrian Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, but the UN still considers a portion of the land as part of occupied territory. On August 15, 2005, as part of the unilateral disengagement plan, Tel Aviv began evacuating Jewish settlers and troops from the area. By August 22, all Jewish settlements had been evacuated from the Gaza Strip, and on September 12, the last Israeli soldier was withdrawn.

Currently, tension between Israel and Palestinians residing in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank remains very high.