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Hamas to continue to operate in Gaza Strip even after war - IDF

Hamas to continue to operate in Gaza Strip even after war - IDF Hamas will continue to operate in the Gaza Strip even after the end of the war (photo: Getty Images)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Directorate has released a report stating that Hamas will continue to operate in the Gaza Strip as a terrorist organization even after the end of the war, according to The Times of Israel.

This week, Israeli military intelligence distributed a document among the country's leaders warning that even if the IDF succeeds in eliminating Hamas as an organized military force in the Gaza Strip, it will remain a terrorist group and guerrilla organization.

The document, prepared by the IDF's Military Intelligence Research Division, also states that among the residents of the region, there is still genuine support for Hamas.

Given that there are currently no practical efforts being made to implement a plan for Gaza on the day after the war, the document also warns that Gaza will become a zone of deep crisis.

Channel 12 investigative journalist Ilana Dayan reported that the document was presented on Monday to Israel’s political echelon after it was discussed last weekend by senior IDF officers, Shin Bet officials, and members of the National Security Council.

According to Dayan, the essence of the document is a warning from those involved in military intelligence that Hamas will survive this campaign as a terrorist group and guerrilla organization.

"In this regard, at least, there won’t be absolute victory," as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu predicted and demanded from the very beginning of the war.

While Israeli officials have consistently publicly declared the goal of the war to be wiping out Hamas from the Strip, many countries and officials around the world have warned that it is not a feasible outcome.

Israel-Hamas war

On October 7, 2023, militants from the radical Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas attacked Israel from the Gaza Strip. During the assault, terrorists killed and abducted military and civilian personnel, and heavily rocketed major Israeli cities. According to official figures, in the first days of the attack, Hamas militants killed 1200 civilians and soldiers and abducted about 250 people.

At the end of October, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip, which is ongoing. The country's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the goal of the operation was the destruction of Hamas and the release of hostages.

On February 8, Netanyahu declared that the complete victory of the Israeli army is imminent. He also announced the readiness of the IDF to begin a ground invasion of the city of Rafah near the border with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip.

On February 12, Israeli military aircraft struck the city of Rafah. It was later revealed that this was a special operation during which two Israeli hostages held by Hamas were freed.

Egypt has threatened to suspend a key peace treaty with Israel if the country's army enters Rafah.