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Hamas attack on Israel killed over 1200 people

Hamas attack on Israel killed over 1200 people Hamas attack has already killed over 1200 Israelis (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

More than 1,200 people have been killed in the Hamas militant attack on Israel, according to CNN.

State television has broadcast this alarming information, emphasizing the scale of the tragedy. In the meantime, Al Jazeera is reporting over 900 casualties in the Gaza Strip and 21 fatalities on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has stated that they targeted 450 enemy objectives in the past 24 hours. The latest in a series of intense attacks occurred in the Al-Furqan area, where dozens of fighter jets targeted the infrastructure of the militants.

Hamas attack on Israel

On October 7, Hamas militants crossed into Israeli territory, capturing several settlements and mercilessly attacking civilians. In response, Israel launched a counteroffensive against the militants in the Gaza Strip. Remarkably, by evening on the first day of the conflict, IDF forces had managed to reclaim most of the territories previously held by the terrorists.

According to various reports, Israel has already sought military assistance from the United States, including requesting air defense systems.

Furthermore, Israel has faced attacks from Lebanon by Hezbollah militants and from Syria. In both cases, the IDF responded forcefully to protect its borders and citizens.