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Cybercriminals hacked broadcasting system of Ukrainian national TV channel

Cybercriminals hacked broadcasting system of Ukrainian national TV channel Russian hackers carried out an attack on the Espreso TV channel (photo: Getty Images)

Unknown criminals hacked into the broadcasting system of the Espresso TV channel and aired a video alleging the involvement of the US in the war in Ukraine, according to the channel's website.

On Monday around 19:30, unknown hackers gained access to the broadcasting signal of the Espresso TV channel. The criminals aired a short video featuring footage of destroyed Ukrainian cities, videos of Joseph Biden, and a call to stop, hinting at the alleged involvement of the US in the war in Ukraine.

"We regret that our viewers could see this provocative video on air. The responsibility for the war in Ukraine lies solely with Russia. This is an obvious fact that the creators of the video tried to distort. This suggests that Russians are involved in the attack on Espresso," the channel's press service said.

The Espresso team has taken all necessary security measures and is preparing to appeal to law enforcement agencies.

Attacks by Russian hackers

On the evening of Sunday, February 18, unknown individuals hacked the Twitter account of Ukrainska Pravda and the website During the attack, fake information about Avdiivka, which was under siege by Russian invaders for four months, was posted on the publishers' pages.

The State Special Communications Service reported that the cyberattack was organized by Russian hackers.

Recently, a series of cyberattacks have been detected, during which criminals sent messages via the Signal messenger to Ukrainian military personnel containing malicious software related to recruiting for the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Israeli Defense Forces.

In January, phishing emails allegedly from the Security Service of Ukraine were detected in Ukraine. In this way, Russians attempted to spy on Ukrainians.