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Guerrillas spot mercenary from Serbia in occupied Crimea

Guerrillas spot mercenary from Serbia in occupied Crimea Russian war criminals in the temporarily occupied Crimea (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In the temporarily occupied Dzhankoi, a mercenary from Serbia was spotted among the Russian military, according to the ATESH guerrilla movement.

"The occupiers are bringing more and more soldiers to DzhankoI every day. Our sources constantly report the arrival of new batches of fresh meat. This time, newcomers from the Amur region were spotted," the statement says.

Among the ordinary soldiers arriving from the territory of Russia, a mercenary from Serbia was spotted.

"We will not allow the invaders to stay in the territory of Crimea and will do everything in our power to liberate it as soon as possible," the guerrillas emphasize.

Photo: A mercenary from Serbia was spotted in temporarily occupied Dzhankoi (

Mercenaries in the Russian army

Last year, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing foreigners who enlisted in the Russian army to obtain citizenship on a fast-track basis.

In September, Cuba reported that authorities were working to neutralize a network that operated both on Cuban soil and in Russia.

The Cuban authorities arrested 17 people who lured young Cuban men to serve in the Russian army in the war with Ukraine. They may face the death penalty.

Nepal has demanded that Moscow not recruit its citizens into the Russian army and immediately return all Nepalese citizens after it became known that six soldiers serving in the Russian army were killed.