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Guerrillas halt North Korean ammunition trains near Russia's Yekaterinburg

Guerrillas halt North Korean ammunition trains near Russia's Yekaterinburg Photo: Guerrillas in Yekaterinburg stopped the railroad transportation of ammunition from the DPRK (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The guerrillas managed to conduct a successful operation on the Trans-Siberian Railway near Yekaterinburg. As a result, they blew up a railroad track that was used to deliver North Korean ammunition, according to the ATESH resistance movement.

"Journalists were not allowed to the scene. The information was leaked only in the local media," the guerrillas say.

According to the resistance movement, only after receiving a command from the regional department of the FSB, the repair team was allowed to arrive at the site and begin restoration work.

"And we want to remind you once again that the railroad will explode even more often as long as ammunition is being transported along it," the agents emphasize.

Guerrillas behind Russian lines

The day before, the guerrillas found Kh-22 missile depots in the Leningrad region and conducted reconnaissance there.

In addition, one of the agents visited the construction site of Russian submarines in St. Petersburg. This is the Admiralty Shipyards shipyard.

The guerrillas also recently reconnoitered the headquarters of the Air and Space Forces military unit in St. Petersburg and noted the exact coordinates of the facility.