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Partisans conduct reconnaissance on Russian shipyard in St. Petersburg

Partisans conduct reconnaissance on Russian shipyard in St. Petersburg Photo: Admiralty Shipyards JSC (

According to the partisan movement ATESH Telegram channel, one of their agents sneaked into the construction site of Russian submarines in St. Petersburg - Admiralty Shipyards JSC.

"Our agent scouted the Admiralty Shipyards. Submarines of projects 636 'Varshavyanka' and 677 'Lada', as well as other military vessels, are currently being produced here," the post reads.

The agent discovered several sections of the shipyard under heavy guard, presumably related to the development of new secret vessels using advanced stealth and weaponry technologies.

Despite the sanctions, work on modernizing and expanding production capacities is ongoing at the shipyard.

"Our agents continue to monitor and promptly transmit information. New drone raids on St. Petersburg should not come as a surprise," noted ATESH.

Photo: Partisans scouted the Russian shipyard in St. Petersburg (

Partisan activities

Recently partisans conducted reconnaissance in temporarily occupied Sevastopol, during which they discovered a Russian Tor air defense missile system. It is located in the vicinity of a public beach.

The day before, partisans of the ATESH movement discovered a Russian air defense position in the Simferopol district.

Partisans also discovered the location of a large amount of weapons and equipment, including S-400 systems and a radar station on Cape Fiolent in temporarily occupied Crimea.

Additionally, ATESH agents discovered an air defense system that covers the residence of Russian president Vladimir Putin in Sochi.