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Partisans spot Russian Tor missile system near resort area in Crimea

Partisans spot Russian Tor missile system near resort area in Crimea Photo: In Sevastopol, an enemy SAM was found right next to a beach for vacationers (

The guerrillas conducted reconnaissance in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol and discovered a Russian anti-aircraft missile system Tor. It is located right above the public beach, according to the Atesh resistance movement.

"This time, Russians have chosen another "ideal" place to deploy their anti-aircraft missile system. It was placed right above the beach, again endangering the local population," the guerrillas said.

According to the resistance movement, this is most likely one of the last photos of this complex.

"The Ukrainian Defence Forces are systematically removing radar stations and air defense systems, freeing up a kind of corridor to the Crimean Bridge! The countdown to the life of the "illegal structure" has begun," the guerrillas reported.

Guerrilla activities in occupied Crimea and Russia

Recently, the guerrillas of the Atesh movement discovered a Russian air defense deployment point in the Simferopol district.

They also discovered the location of a large number of weapons, and equipment, including S-400 systems and a radar station at Cape Fiolent in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The guerrilla movement also discovered an air defense system covering President Vladimir Putin's summer residence in Sochi.