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Greece may transfer Patriot to Ukraine in exchange for US 'guarantees'

Greece may transfer Patriot to Ukraine in exchange for US 'guarantees' Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Greece may transfer Patriot PAC-3 to Ukraine in exchange for American "guarantees" against the Turkish threat and a package of financial compensation, according to Pronews.

Greece is considering transferring one of its two deployed Patriot systems to Ukraine.

Government sources of the publication claim that the United States has provided "guarantees" of Greece's security against the Turkish threat during the use of the Patriot, without specifying the nature of the "assurances" offered.

There is confidence that in the event of battery destruction, they will be replaced by the US with new ones, "and in any case, you will receive money from the $61 billion package provided to Ukraine."

In other words, just like with the Patriots supplied to Saudi Arabia, the US incurred significant expenses for their timely activation, i.e., getting them operational again, as they were either not working or working ineffectively due to lack of spare parts.

Air defense for Ukraine

In recent weeks, Russia has intensified airstrikes on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure objects. Attacks with ballistic missiles pose a particular danger, against which only two air defense systems in the world are effective: the American Patriot and the Franco-Italian SAMP/T.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly said that for the complete protection of the country from Russian missiles, 25 Patriot complexes are needed.

In response to these requests, Germany has already transferred one Patriot system to Ukraine, and then Chancellor Olaf Scholz suggested the possibility of providing Kyiv with six more batteries from partners.

Meanwhile, Kyiv is working to obtain four additional Patriot batteries from allies.

Sweden may transfer RBS 70 SAMs to Ukraine to alleviate pressure on Patriot systems.