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Google fined for its method of training company's AI

Google fined for its method of training company's AI Photo: Google was fined because of the way the company's AI was trained (GettyImages)

Google was fined nearly $300 million on Wednesday, March 20, for the way it trained its AI Gemini, according to Business Insider.

On Wednesday, Google was fined approximately $270 million, partly due to how the company trained its AI.

French regulatory authorities claim that Google failed to fulfill its commitments related to negotiations regarding operations with news agencies in France regarding their content.

The regulatory body alleges that Google used journalists' content without informing them to train its AI chatbot Bard, now renamed Gemini.

Progress in AI

Earlier, we reported that the police in South Korea would use AI for crime investigations.

We also reported that Google has banned its AI bot Gemini from discussing the US election as part of the fight against fake news.