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Good or bad? Psychologist explains how shyness affects life

Good or bad? Psychologist explains how shyness affects life Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

A shy person may perceive any situation that arises in life as extreme. Such a condition can negatively affect one's life, according to the Instagram page of psychologist Iryna Kulik.

Is it bad to be shy?

According to experts, shyness serves as an important aspect of social behavior. From a psychological perspective, it may indicate a high level of self-awareness and a desire to avoid potential negative judgment from others.

In most cases, this can be beneficial for fostering positive interpersonal relationships.

On the other hand, excessive shyness can develop into social anxiety or inhibitions that hinder interaction and personal development. It's important to distinguish healthy shyness from situations where it becomes an obstacle to self-growth and communication.

Excessive shyness significantly complicates a person's life. It causes problems in intimate relationships and hinders effective communication, meeting new people, making friends, expressing opinions, and defending one's rights.

Learning to balance shyness can help with self-acceptance, developing communication skills, and gradually adapting to the social environment.

How to overcome shyness

One can learn to approach their shyness more easily, with humor. Don't be afraid to talk about it. Remember, acknowledging weaknesses or shortcomings is half the battle in overcoming them.

Shyness isn't just internal inhibition but also muscular tension. Learn to relax with good music, dance, a warm bath, or physical exercise. Release your inner tension and continue your journey with your shoulders squared.

It's also important to take failure more lightly. Don't let your insecurity and fear prevent you from enjoying the brightest moments.

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