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Global warming alert: Cities at risk of vanishing by 2030 over rising sea level

Global warming alert: Cities at risk of vanishing by 2030 over rising sea level Cities at risk of vanishing by 2030 (Getty Images)

Global warming is leading to a rapid rise in sea levels, posing the potential for widespread chaos. Millions of people will directly confront the consequences of high water levels. Find out what cities could be submerged as early as 2030, according to StarsInsider.

Venice, Italy

The most obvious city under threat is a city built up above the water. In the imminent future, Venice confronts dual threats: the escalation of sea levels and the city's gradual sinking at a rate of two millimeters annually. Having experienced severe flooding previously, climate change is anticipated to increase the submerge risk.

Savannah, US

Situated in a hurricane-prone zone, Savannah faces the risk of land being submerged, even if no severe weather conditions happen. The city could experience deepened effects during hurricanes and floods as both the Savannah River in the north and the Ogeechee River in the south could potentially flood it.

New Orleans, US

Equipped with levees and flood walls, the city is shielded from potential floodwaters originating from Lake Maurepas in the north, as well as Lake Salvador and Little Lake in the south. These defenses are crucial, as without them, New Orleans would face significant risk from rising sea levels. Despite the walls, the damage could still be devastating, as during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, over 50 failures of levees and flood walls led to flooding in 80% of the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is famous for its flood protection measures, but the network of dams, barriers, and floodgates appears increasingly necessary in the years ahead.

Nagoya, Japan

The urbanization of certain coastal Japanese cities exposes them to the risks of rising sea levels. Particularly it intensified during the typhoon seasons in May and October. Situated alongside the Nagara and Kiso rivers, the western sectors of the city may face severe flooding.

Malé, Maldives

The Maldives, as an island nation, has long been familiar with the danger posed by increasing sea levels. In response, it has initiated the construction of a floating city. The infrastructure of the Maldivian capital and its surrounding islands faces a significant risk.

Port Said, Egypt

The risk of rising tide levels extends beyond the northeastern coastal city of Port Said. Extensive areas to the west and below the city also face potential submersion. In response, the local government has initiated the construction of barriers made of sand and concrete to protect farmland and crops from flooding.

Bangkok, Thailand

According to a study conducted in 2020, the Thai capital could experience severe impacts from global warming in the short term. Sitting merely five feet (1.5 meters) above sea level, Bangkok is sinking at a faster rate than Venice. By 2030, substantial portions of the coastal areas in Tha Kham and Samut Prakan, including the primary airport, Suvarnabhumi International, may be submerged.

Remember that things might change if governments take strong action against the climate crisis.

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