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Germany to transfer 10,000 shells to Ukraine in coming days, MoD says

Germany to transfer 10,000 shells to Ukraine in coming days, MoD says Illustrative photo (facebook com ukroboronprom)
Author: Daria Shekina

Germany will be able to transfer 10,000 artillery ammunition to Ukraine in the coming days, which was previously announced as part of the military aid package, states the head of the Situational Center for Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense, Christian Freuding.

According to him, in Berlin, it has been decided to supply ammunition to Ukraine in three stages.

"At the first stage - in the coming days - Germany will transfer 10,000 shells to Kyiv," he says.

Next, Germany will participate in a Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Germany has concluded a bilateral agreement for the long-term perspective to supply Ukraine with an additional 100,000 shells - starting from approximately the fourth quarter of 2024.

Ammunition for Ukraine

Ammunition is currently one of the main needs of Ukrainian defenders, as its use allows them to deter the advance of Russian occupiers.

Last month, Czech President Petr Pavel announced that his country had found approximately 800,000 rounds that could be transferred to Ukraine outside the European Union countries. However, funding is needed for the deliveries.

Several Western countries have already announced their participation in the Czech initiative. They have allocated funds for purchasing ammunition.

Recently, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated that the first shipments of ammunition to our defenders are expected in April.

Yesterday, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said that Ukrainian military personnel could receive twice as much ammunition as part of the Czech initiative. The possible supply is 1.5 million artillery shells.