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Germany to continue training Ukrainian recruits in 2025

Germany to continue training Ukrainian recruits in 2025 Illustrative photo (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

More Ukrainian army recruits may receive basic training in Germany next year, according to the head of the EU Command, Andreas Marlow.

"We have received more training requests as Ukraine continues to mobilise, in particular for basic training which is mainly being done by Britain," he says.

According to him, this is likely to affect the collective training - involving entire companies or battalions - that has so far been conducted in Germany and which follows basic training.

Marlow notes that Kyiv is looking to conduct more training on its own to simplify logistics and allow troops to be available on the battlefield in a shorter time. Spain provides some training for Ukrainian troops, as does Poland.

The Special Training Command (STC) is part of a European Union military mission created in 2022 to train about 60,000 Ukrainian troops in various skills by mid-November 2024 to help Kyiv fight the Russian invasion.

In Germany, instructors from 14 countries are teaching soldiers how to operate tanks and Patriot and IRIS-T air defense systems, snipers, engineers, paramedics, and drone operators are mastering their professions, and IT experts are learning how to counter hackers.

Sending instructors to Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, previously announced Paris' intention to ally to send military instructors to Ukraine and train Ukrainian troops.

After receiving this information, Russia began to issue threats. In particular, Russian diplomats said that French instructors would be targeted according to the law.