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German opposition objects to exchange of Taurus missiles with Britain, gives reasons

German opposition objects to exchange of Taurus missiles with Britain, gives reasons Taurus missiles (photo:

The German opposition in the Bundestag does not support Britain's proposal to exchange Taurus missiles for British Storm Shadow missiles to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons.

Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU faction Johann Wadefuhl said that everything must be done to prevent Ukraine's defeat, including the supply of "the best weapons systems, and the Taurus is just such a system."

"No circular exchange can replace it in terms of range, accuracy, and lethality," he said.


Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that the UK was ready to help Germany overcome its differences and provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles.

As Cameron explained, the country allows for a possible circular exchange. For example, Germany will give Britain Taurus missiles, and London, in turn, will provide Ukraine with additional Storm Shadow missiles.

Long-range missiles for Ukraine

Earlier, the UK and France provided Ukraine with long-range Storm Shadow and Scalp missiles. It is also known that the United States has provided our soldiers with missiles with a range of up to 165 kilometers. These are long-range ATACMS missiles.

Discussions are currently underway to transfer German Taurus missiles to Ukraine, which are capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 500 kilometers. Berlin is still against it, but Ukraine and its allies are calling on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to make a decision.

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