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German MFA uncovers large-scale Russian disinformation campaign

German MFA uncovers large-scale Russian disinformation campaign Photo: Russian disinformation campaign was uncovered in Germany (Getty Images)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany has uncovered a large-scale disinformation campaign by Russia on the social media platform Twitter (X). The goal is to amplify dissatisfaction with the current coalition government of the Federal Republic of Germany in society and undermine support for Ukraine, reports Spiegel.

The ministry tasked experts to analyze posts on X using a special program, leading to the identification of a massive network of fake accounts.

MFA experts found that in a month, over 50,000 such accounts together published more than a million posts in German, often making accusations against the federal government. These posts suggested that the authorities were allegedly neglecting the interests of their population to support Ukraine.

Russian disinformation campaigns

Russian propagandists consistently spread misinformation about the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, military command, etc.

In December 2023, the Center for Countering Disinformation reported that Russia was preparing a disinformation campaign against the top leadership of Ukraine.

As part of the campaign, Russians intend to publish a series of materials containing disinformation against the military-political leadership of Ukraine, targeting English-language resources.

In June, a large-scale Russian disinformation campaign with false news about the war in Ukraine was uncovered in France, making it appear as if it was published by well-known French media outlets.