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Fussy and tearful: These zodiac signs are always dissatisfied

Fussy and tearful: These zodiac signs are always dissatisfied Which zodiac signs are difficult to get along with (photo:

Representatives of four zodiac signs most often demonstrate a difficult character. They can be moody, tearful, and even capricious.

Here are four zodiac signs that are always dissatisfied with everything, according to Collective World.


Representatives of this zodiac sign can get upset over any little thing. They often demand too much attention and get offended if they don't get what they want. Geminis are hard to please; they can throw a tantrum over literally nothing.


People born under this sign do not stay silent about their dissatisfaction. They are ready to throw a fit if something doesn't go according to their plan. And when some Taureans encounter what they consider to be poor service, they immediately write complaints, create scandals, and show their whims to everyone around them.


Representatives of this sign often push people away. This is because Scorpios sometimes behave as if they are small and very spoiled children. Moreover, they can be quite gloomy, which hardly adds to their charm.


If Virgos are in a bad mood, everyone should know about it. People born under this zodiac sign hate waiting, enduring, and admitting their mistakes. Therefore, they often show the best sides of their character, which is why they are considered capricious.

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