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French MP: We need Russia out of Ukraine, Crimea included

French MP: We need Russia out of Ukraine, Crimea included Photo: France says Russia must leave Ukraine, including Crimea (Getty Images)

France believes that Europe needs to assess the threats posed by Vladimir Putin's regime. Russia must get out of Ukraine, including Crimea, says Julien Bayou, a member of the French National Assembly, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

He says that Europe and France, in particular, need to clearly establish what existential threats the regime of Russian leader Vladimir Putin may pose.

According to the French MP, the main goal now is to support Ukraine to win the war. Bayou adds that in recent months, the public has been more focused on supporting Ukraine so that it does not lose, which has a different meaning.

"We need a global win. We need a clear win. We need Putin out of business and Russia out of Ukraine, Crimea included, obviously," Bayou said.

France's assistance to Ukraine

France is one of the EU states that supported Ukraine at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Paris provided weapons, humanitarian and financial aid, and supported sanctions against Russia. Ukrainian military personnel are also trained in France.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, French President Emmanuel Macron tried to hold talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. However, his efforts did not bring any results.

In early 2024, Macron took a tougher stance against Russia. He said that he did not rule out the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine. Although this statement caused a lot of discussion among Ukraine's allies, some countries supported the French president's position.