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France to provide Ukraine with grant for restoration of infrastructure

France to provide Ukraine with grant for restoration of infrastructure Photo: France will give Ukraine a grant to restore infrastructure (Getty Images)

Ukraine will receive 200 million euros from the government of France for the restoration and modernization of infrastructure, including healthcare and agricultural facilities, according to the Telegram of the government representative in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk.

"The project of the Grant Agreement between the government of Ukraine and the government of the French Republic to support the restoration and maintenance of critical infrastructure and priority sectors of the Ukrainian economy has been approved. The Grant Agreement envisages the allocation of grant funds from the government of the French Republic in the amount of 200 million euros," according to Melnychuk's statement.

He further mentioned that the allocated funds will be directed towards the reconstruction and restoration of critically important infrastructure in sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, water supply and drainage, waste processing, demining, and digital technologies.

Assistance to Ukraine from France

France has been one of Ukraine's key allies since the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion, providing diverse assistance from the early days of the war.

In particular, our military has already received from France light tanks, self-propelled artillery units, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft defense systems, and more.

It has also recently been reported that Ukraine and France are finalizing work on a bilateral document guaranteeing security for our country.

On February 5, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal also stated that Paris intends not only to increase funding for assistance to Ukraine but also to expand the list of provided weaponry. The head of the French government reminded that his country is supplying Ukraine with state-of-the-art weaponry. This includes long-range missiles Scalp, howitzers Caesar, light tanks AMX-10 RC, as well as AASM bombs.