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France's far-right lost ground before second round of parliamentary elections

France's far-right lost ground before second round of parliamentary elections Photo: Marine Le Pen, French politician (Getty Images)

Ultra-right party National Rally may not achieve an absolute majority in the second round of parliamentary elections taking place in France this Sunday, according to Reuters.

According to surveys, these results indicate that efforts by mainstream parties aimed at blocking the far-right could be successful.

The polls show that Marine Le Pen's National Rally is winning more seats than any other party but is not surpassing the threshold of 289 seats needed for an absolute majority.

As a result, the Republican Front, which saw over 200 candidates withdraw from the race in the second round to clear the path for those best positioned to defeat the National Rally in their constituencies, appears to be yielding results.

An IFOP survey for LCI and Le Figaro indicated that the National Rally could secure between 210 to 240 seats, compared to 240-270 needed to exit the party. The left-wing New Popular Front ranked second with 170-200 seats, surpassing President Emmanuel Macron's centrist Together group with 95-125 seats. Conservative Republicans are forecasted to secure between 25 to 45 seats.

A Wednesday survey by Harris Interactive forecasted 190 to 220 seats for the National Rally. Leaders of the National Rally have stated they will not govern if they do not achieve the absolute majority necessary for full freedom of action. Both Le Pen and party chairman Jordan Bardella have repeatedly criticized the Republican Front, accusing it of showing disdain for their voters.

Le Pen party in the elections

Several weeks ago in France, during the European Parliament elections, the National Rally party decisively defeated President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance party.

Following this, Macron announced the dissolution of parliament and called for snap elections. The first round took place last weekend, with the National Rally receiving 33.14% of the votes, while the pro-presidential bloc garnered only 20.04%.