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France is ready to support ECOWAS military activity in Niger - Macron

France is ready to support ECOWAS military activity in Niger - Macron President of France Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Getty Images)

President Emmanuel Macron stated that France will support any efforts by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), including military actions if necessary, to restore constitutional order in Niger during his address at the annual conference of French ambassadors.

Macron said that France supports diplomatic and, if necessary, military action by ECOWAS. He emphasized that France continues to consider Mohamed Bazoum as the legitimate president of Niger and will continue to support him.

"Our policy is clear: we do not recognize coup leaders," the French president noted. He mentioned that despite the junta's request for the French Ambassador Sylvain Itte to leave his post, the French Ambassador continues to work in Niger.

Coup in Niger

At the end of July, the security forces of Niger's president, Mohamed Bazoum, carried out a coup and effectively took the head of state hostage. Subsequently, the head of the presidential guard, Abdourahamane (Omar) Tchiani, declared himself the country's new leader.

The West African states (ECOWAS) issued a warning, stating that if the constitutional order is not restored in the country, they will carry out a military intervention. The junta responded by threatening to kill President Mohammed Bazoum.

Afterward, ECOWAS countries suspended discussions regarding intervention, and representatives of the rebels stated that they were still open to negotiations.

On August 20, a delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) visited Niger, where they met with the leader of the coup, Abdourahmane Chiani, and with the ousted president of the country, Mohamed Bazoum.

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