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France declares highest level of threat to national security

France declares highest level of threat to national security Photo: Garbriel Attal (getty images)

In France, following the terrorist attack in Russia, the highest level of Vigipirate – the national security alert system – "extraordinary attack situation" has been declared, according to the Twitter (X) of Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal.

He noted that following the attack in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, earlier today President Emmanuel Macron convened the Defense and National Security Council at the Elysee Palace this evening.

"Considering that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, as well as the threats to our country, we have decided to raise the Vigipirate level to the highest level: emergency attack," Attal wrote.

Vigipirate (an acronym for Vigilance and Protection of Risks of Terrorist Attacks) is the French national security alert system. Currently, it has three levels: vigilance, heightened security/risk of attack, and emergency attack situation.

What is known about the terrorist attack

In the evening on Friday, March 22, in the city of Krasnogorsk in the Moscow region, several armed men in camouflage carried out a shooting at the Crocus City Hall concert hall. According to Russian reports, over 100 people were killed in the attack.

Russian authorities stated that they have arrested four individuals involved in the terrorist act. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claimed that the terrorists supposedly intended to flee to Ukraine, where a "window" was prepared for them.

The responsibility for the terrorist attack was claimed by the Islamic State group. The United States confirmed the information regarding ISIS involvement and denied any connection to events in Ukraine.