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Foreign aid: How much money partners gave Ukraine since start of Russian invasion

Foreign aid: How much money partners gave Ukraine since start of Russian invasion The civilized world is actively helping Ukraine with money during the war (photo: Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, international partners have provided our country with more than $85 billion in funding (as of May 28, 2024), according to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Who provided Ukraine with money and how much in 2022-2023

European Union is the leader in terms of funding provided. In 2022-2023, EU countries provided a total of $27.491 billion (in equivalent) to Ukraine.

United States provided $22.93 billion during this time.

The IMF allocated $7.168 billion.

Japan provided $4.207 billion to Ukraine.

Canada - $3.646 billion.

United Kingdom - $2.038 billion.

World Bank - 2.045 billion dollars.

Germany - $1.689 billion.

European Investment Bank - $720 million.

Next on the list of partners - financial donors of Ukraine - are many European countries, each of which will contribute no more than $1 billion in 2022-2023. However, together with the leaders of the list, they provided Ukraine with financial assistance worth $73.573 billion. And this is only for 2022 and 2023.

The list of partners includes Norway, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Albania, and Estonia.

Who helps Ukraine with money in 2024

Since the beginning of 2024, Ukraine has received the most financial assistance: The European Union - $6.484 billion (in equivalent), Japan - $2.131 billion, and Canada - $1.471 billion.

The IMF, the United Kingdom, Norway, the World Bank, and Spain also provided significant amounts of financial assistance.

In total, partners have provided Ukraine with $11.8 billion since the beginning of the year. This is as of May 28.

Foreign aid: How much money partners gave Ukraine since start of Russian invasionSource: Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

On May 21, the European Commission decided to transfer to Ukraine the profits from the blocked Russian assets. The amount is approximately EUR 3 billion. In the following years, the profit may increase and reach 5 billion euros.

In addition, the G7 countries are ready to approve a $50 billion loan to Ukraine secured by frozen Russian assets.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft agreement with the United States to provide Ukraine with $7.9 billion in budget support as part of a $61 billion military aid package.

Also, the fourth review of Ukraine's cooperation program with the IMF has recently ended. In case of positive conclusions of the Fund's management, which we expect at the end of June, Ukraine will receive another tranche of the loan for USD 2.2 billion.

At the end of May, Ukraine and the European Union signed a Framework Agreement on financing under the four-year program Ukraine Facility for $50 billion.