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Flight attendant tips: Best and worst seats on airplane revealed

Flight attendant tips: Best and worst seats on airplane revealed Tips to fly comfortably on the plane (illustration: Getty Images)

A stewardess from British Airways shared insights on which seats on airplanes are ideal for those who fear turbulence and offered tips to combat nausea during flights.

Why some seats are better than others

According to the stewardess, many passengers experience nervousness before flights, fearing shaking and turbulence.

While turbulence is considered normal, passengers often panic when the aircraft starts to shake, which can spread throughout the cabin. Therefore, if you're nervous or fearful, the flight attendant advises informing the cabin crew. If possible, they can help you cope with stress and even relocate you to a more comfortable seat less affected by turbulence.

The worst seat on the plane

It turns out that partially avoiding turbulence is entirely possible. It's often felt most severely by passengers seated in the aircraft's rear.

According to the stewardess, the tail can experience stronger shaking because it helps the aircraft "balance" in air pockets.

The most comfortable seat on the plane

The stewardess mentioned that passengers dreaming of a smooth and trouble-free flight should prioritize their comfort in advance. This involves selecting seats located towards the middle of the cabin.

Seats near the wings are also excellent options. If you fear enclosed spaces and are concerned about your safety, choose aisle seats.

How to cope with turbulence

Additionally, passengers were given tips to combat bouts of nausea. If you've already chosen seats where turbulence isn't as noticeable, consider the following:

  • Do not refuse air flow and ventilation, as fresh air helps combat turbulence
  • Try to distract yourself by watching a movie or reading
  • Consider drinking ginger ale or other carbonated beverages, which help settle the stomach during stressful times.

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