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Firefighting plane crashes in Chile: Dead and injured reported

Firefighting plane crashes in Chile: Dead and injured reported A firefighting plane crashes in Chile (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

A firefighting plane crashed in Chile, resulting in the tragic death of the pilot and injuries to three others, according to News Rebeat.

The tragedy unfolded near the Panguilemo airport when a small aircraft collided with power lines and vehicles. The pilot, 59-year-old Fernando Solans from Spain, lost his life at the scene.

"The Turbo Trush model aircraft, operated by the airline Air Andes SPA and providing services to the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), crashed to the ground after collide with electrical cables, according to the videos viralized online, and collided with two vehicles," according to the report.

There are also reports of individuals in vehicles being affected by the aftermath of the aviation accident.

Authorities and experts are currently investigating the causes of the plane crash.

Worldwide aviation incidents

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At the Saragossa airbase in Spain, an F-18 fighter jet crashed during a demonstration flight. The pilot managed to eject and was hospitalized with leg injuries.

Additionally, a small plane crashed due to avionics failure on New Year's eve in Poland.