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Finnish company supplied truck parts to Russia in violation of sanctions, media

Finnish company supplied truck parts to Russia in violation of sanctions, media A Finnish company supplied spare parts to Russia in violation of sanctions (Photo:GettyImages)

After the commencement of the full-scale invasion, HD-Parts, a Finnish company based in Vantaa, reportedly provided Russia with car parts amounting to millions of euros to evade economic sanctions, according to Yle MOT.

HD-Parts supplied spare parts for Volvo and Scania trucks to Russia. However, HD-Parts is not affiliated with these automotive companies and sources these parts directly from factories in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries.

HD-Parts claims no violation of sanctions and assures that Finnish customs have approved all goods. The border guards did not comment on the situation, stating they launched an investigation into the matter.

Lasse Lindqvist, HD-Parts' founder and chairman of the board, confirmed that at least seventy-five percent of the company's exports go to the Russian market.

The agency's editorial board claims that the goods on the list of those supplied to Russia align with descriptions of sanctioned goods. Sanctions expert, Erlend Bjordvedt, stated that HD-Parts could potentially be the primary source of truck parts in Russia within the Western hemisphere.

Russia is attempting to evade Western sanctions

Recently, foreign ministers from Central Asia have expressed willingness to enhance sanctions against Russia.

Additionally, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has declared that intermediaries should be eliminated to prevent Russia from circumventing sanctions, thereby eroding the idea of impunity for the aggressive country.

Previously, a Dutch court sentenced a Russian businessman to a year and a half in prison and levied a €200,000 fine for violating sanctions by providing microchips to Russia.