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Finland to open two border checkpoints with Russia

Finland to open two border checkpoints with Russia Prime Minister of Finland, Petteri Orpo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Finnish government believes that nothing has changed in Russia, so there is currently no sense in opening checkpoints on the border with this country, states Prime Minister of Finland Petteri Orpo.

"Border security is such a critical issue for Finland that my role holds the most significance in making decisions," he states.

Orpo believes that further measures are necessary on the eastern border. The government must make a new decision in the coming days as the current decision to close the border expires on Sunday.

"Based on the information I have now, nothing has changed in Russia. I believe the assessment of threats remains the same. This indicates the need for further action," he says.

Other Prime Minister's statements

Orpo adds that Finland won't open the border if there are clear signs or threats that Russia will immediately resume its hybrid operation.

According to the Prime Minister, a thorough official assessment will be given to this decision. Currently, security evaluations are being updated, significantly influencing decision-making.

Orpo also emphasizes that it's crucial for the border to remain peaceful. An uncontrolled situation should not arise.

Finland closed its borders with Russia

On November 30, Finland's government decided to close all border checkpoints with Russia due to a large number of illegal migrants attempting to enter Finland from Russian territory.

As previously stated by Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, the government was closely monitoring the situation at the border and might extend its closure.

On December 13, the Finnish government decided to reopen two border checkpoints with Russia. However, due to an influx of migrants, they were closed again the following day.