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Finland increased ammunition production fivefold since start of war in Ukraine

Finland increased ammunition production fivefold since start of war in Ukraine Finland has increased its ammunition production fivefold since the beginning of the war in Ukraine (photo: GettyImages)

The war in Ukraine has significantly boosted Finland's defense industry. The country has produced five times more ammunition compared to the pre-war period, according to Yle.

In December, the Ministry of Defense allocated about 24 million euros to increase domestic production of ammunition. According to Minister of Defense Antti Häkkänen, the EU Commission's decision to fund this aligns with the plan developed by the Ministry of Defense in December.

"The decision funds investments that are crucial for the military security of supply and provide long-term support for Ukraine," Häkkänen said in a press release published by the Ministry of Defense.

Compared to pre-war times, domestic ammunition production has already increased fivefold, according to the special expert of the Ministry of Defense Frans Peltonen. He said that the current decisions by the EU and the state to fund it will double the current level.

If the investments are implemented, Finland will produce ten times more ammunition than before the start of the war in Ukraine.

Aid from Finland to Ukraine

Earlier, we reported that Finland called on partners to find money to help Ukraine.

According to former Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, the country has sent 22 aid packages to Ukraine and will not stop there.

We also reported that Finland will send a new package of military aid to Ukraine. The equipment is worth approximately 200 million euros.