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Finland extends detention for Russian 'Rusich' militant

Finland extends detention for Russian 'Rusich' militant Yan Petrovsky (Photo: Giovanni_Pigni)

Today, on December 11, the Finnish court once again remanded the Russian neo-Nazi Yan Petrovsky in custody, writes Yle.

Border guards requested an extension of the arrest for Voislav Torden (this is the new name and alias of Yan Petrovsky).

"The district court decided to keep the identity of the detained person confidential, however, according to Yle, the hearing specifically concerned Torden," the publication writes.

The arrest of Torden (Petrovsky) in Finland

The Finnish police arrested the Russian militant on August 25. The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine announced its intention to extradite him. Voislav Torden was the leader and commander of the Russian militarized formation Operational Group Rusich. He was known for his connections in far-right circles, and Torden also fought on the side of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

At the end of August, it became known that Torden requested extradition to the Russian Federation.

Earlier, we reported that the Supreme Court of Finland rejected Ukraine's request for his extradition and ordered his release.

Later, it was revealed that the Central Criminal Police of Finland began an investigative check on Torden, who is suspected of terrorist crimes in Ukraine.