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Fashion knows no age: TikTok shows new trend for elderly

Fashion knows no age: TikTok shows new trend for elderly TikTok is conquered by a new trend for the elderly (photo: Freepik)

TikTok very often becomes a platform for spreading certain trends that cover the whole world. In particular, young people become heroes, but since the modern world is actively fighting ageism, the latest trend concerns the elderly. The Styler project has studied the topic and presents all the essential details.

Trendy outfits of the elderly conquer TikTok

Let's be honest, we're all used to seeing seniors in the streets wearing dark, restrained outfits, covering their heads with hats and scarves. They don't follow fashion, and they've never heard of trends, especially on the social network TikTok.

Nevertheless, our world is confidently moving forward, and the topic of combating ageism, when old and young people are not sorted into "modern" and "not modern", is being raised very actively. Because everyone, regardless of age, has the right to do what their soul desires. And no one can forbid someone something because of the year of birth in their passport - there should be reasonable equality.

The fashion industry is no exception, as recently TikTok has been flooded with videos of elderly people eagerly demonstrating their trendy looks on camera.

Fashion knows no age: TikTok shows new trend for elderlyTikTok is conquered by a new trend for the elderly (photo: Freepik)

In particular, these are women who walk the streets of Manhattan in stylish outfits, with minimal but beautiful makeup and feel like real models. But there are also videos with fashionably dressed older men, who also feel confident because of the elegance of their outfits.

The essence of the trend is that these elderly people, who promote a new trend with the hashtag #ladiesofmadisonave, do not wear clothes from the latest collections of global brands, no, they simply dress smartly and modernly, looking appropriate in today's fashion world.

Moreover, they film their walks on camera and serve as a living example for other people of age who are still shy about being bright, fashionable, public, and generally expressing themselves in their own way and being interesting.

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