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F-16 and Air Force: Ukraine presents integration plan to Western partners

F-16 and Air Force: Ukraine presents integration plan to Western partners Photo: Ukraine establishes specialized structure for F-16 Aircraft integration (Getty Images)

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has established a special structure for the integration of F-16 aircraft, as announced by the First Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavlyuk.

In particular, it includes several deployment stages and multiple directions.

"Participated in a conference with the participation of western partners in Copenhagen (Denmark), where he presented the concept of a structure specifically created by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the main purpose of which is to organize a comprehensive provision of the continuous process of integration of the F-16 multipurpose aircraft into the general system of the Defense Forces of Ukraine," he wrote.

Two stages

The General added that the program will have two deployment stages:

  • Fast track (expected to be completed by the end of 2024).

  • Scaling.

The main areas of work will include:

  • Support and development of aerodrome infrastructure (aviation bases)

  • Comprehensive protection of aerodrome infrastructure, including air defense systems.

  • Selection and training of flight and other aviation personnel

  • Support for the life cycle of aircraft and logistic support

  • International communication and other legal, financial, security, and administrative functions

F-16 for Ukraine

On October 22, Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat announced that Ukrainian pilots would soon transition from flight simulators to actual F-16 fighter jets, accompanied by instructors. The Air Force hopes that the first F-16 fighters will arrive in Ukraine in the spring of 2024. Approximately 150 aircraft would be sufficient to effectively defend the country's airspace.