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Explosions on the Crimean Bridge disrupted occupiers' logistics : experts' opinions

Explosions on the Crimean Bridge disrupted occupiers' logistics : experts' opinions The explosions on the Crimean Bridge did not affect the occupiers' logistics (Photo: Getty Images)

Military experts Vladyslav Seleznov and Oleksandr Kovalenko told RBC-Ukraine that the explosions on the Crimean Bridge would not affect the logistics of the occupiers since the railway connection remains intact.

According to Kovalenko, the damage to the bridge from the night explosions primarily affected automobile transportation. However, the railway, which the occupiers use to supply their troops, continues functioning.

"The damage to the roadway is quite serious, requiring repair work. Undoubtedly, this road will be closed and non-operational for some time. The question is how long it will take them to repair it," Kovalenko said.

He emphasized that there would be no full-fledged automobile connection between mainland Russia and temporarily occupied Crimea for a certain period.

"However, the remaining logistic artery will continue to function in reverse. Certainly, the flow of general automotive transport will decrease and become slower. But here's the catch: we are talking specifically about automotive transport, which Russian troops use for personnel movement, etc., to occupy Crimea but not frequently. It is not a significant component. Mainly, it is railways. Currently, the railway on the Crimean Bridge is also functioning incompletely, in reverse," Kovalenko explained.

He stated that the damage is significant for the overall logistics artery. However, on the other hand, there is still the railway. Therefore, they need more "blow."

"Indeed, there is a decrease in military logistics by about 10-15%, but the overall railway can somehow handle it. Regarding the specific damage to the bridge, here, the laws of physics are the same for everyone. So, I do not exclude the possibility that it could have been an explosion that occurred under the surface of the automobile road," Kovalenko added.

Military expert Vladyslav Seleznev also believes that this "blow" to the Crimean Bridge will not affect the occupiers' logistics because the railway connection continues to function.

"The railway provides the supply of the lion's share of the enemy's military logistics. So, I have no illusions here. The problem may arise only for civilian transportation. The Russians solved this issue by launching cargo vehicles through the so-called 'new territories' (the occupied territories - Ed.). Accordingly, ferry transportation will be available for passenger vehicles," he said.

According to Seleznev, military echelons will continue to move through the railway, together with passenger trains from Crimea to mainland Russia.

"Therefore, I do not think this damage to the Crimean Bridge in the automotive part will radically change the military situation," Seleznev noted.

Attack on the Crimean Bridge

During the night, explosions occurred on the Crimean Bridge. According to preliminary information, one section of the bridge towards Taman was destroyed, and another one towards Kerch was damaged. The Russians closed both the automobile and railway tracks.

RBC-Ukraine sources reported that aerial drones attacked the bridge as part of a special operation carried out by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) and the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

Following the incident, the SBU reminded that the Crimean Bridge is one of the transport corridors for military supplies for Russia, and the traditions of warfare allow cutting the enemy's logistical routes.

Meanwhile, Russia referred to the incident as a terrorist act.